Capri and Positano are not only beautiful destinations for relaxing and swimming, but also  places that at night show a bright and sparkling side. Dive into the Dolce Vita and have a magical experience walking along Via Camerelle or going to the renowned nightclubs of the island; or walk up the steps of fashion in Positano and go wild in one of the best discos of the coast!


- Departure from Marina del Cantone between 8:00 / 10:00 p.m.

- 45 minutes navigation to Capri  or Positano.

- 5/6 hours free time

- Boat back to Marina del Cantone.

Going by boat from Marina del Cantone will take 45 minutes, with just time for a toast; it will  bring you gently back, lulled by the sea under the stars.

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